Back to Work!

Almost there, after taking 5 months off to have a beautiful baby girl, I am just about ready to work. If you didn’t know I just had a baby, Scarlet in the beginning of April. As rewarding as being a mom is I need some time to exercise and my brain and creativity and work on some projects.
I am getting excited to work on some new projects this fall, check back soon to see what I am going to work on next!

Scarlet at 8 weeks!



Supple Solutions – Equine and Canine Massage Therapy

Currently  I am working on marketing materials for a Equine and Canine massage therapy business (Website, flyers, business cards, stickers). Supple Solutions is currently serving the lower mainland for equine and canine massage therapy. The owner/operator Ulla Graham is a certified ESMT & CSMT with years of experience, if you want to learn more about her business or check out her website,

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