Equine & Massage Therapy Website is now Live!

After working the past few weeks on a equine and massage therapy website, Supple Solutions it is now live!
It was a pleasure to work on the site and with the client. We have been working on new black business cards with foiled lettering, flyers, letterhead, stickers and the website. Once everything is complete it will be showcased under recent work, check back soon to see all of the materials!

Back to Work!

Almost there, after taking 5 months off to have a beautiful baby girl, I am just about ready to work. If you didn’t know I just had a baby, Scarlet in the beginning of April. As rewarding as being a mom is I need some time to exercise and my brain and creativity and work on some projects.
I am getting excited to work on some new projects this fall, check back soon to see what I am going to work on next!

Scarlet at 8 weeks!



Supple Solutions – Equine and Canine Massage Therapy

Currently  I am working on marketing materials for a Equine and Canine massage therapy business (Website, flyers, business cards, stickers). Supple Solutions is currently serving the lower mainland for equine and canine massage therapy. The owner/operator Ulla Graham is a certified ESMT & CSMT with years of experience, if you want to learn more about her business or check out her website, SuppleSolutions.ca

Home Page

Rogers Ringback… (How to Turn It Off)

Ok, so I just upgraded to the 4s and when this happened it also updated my communications package, with this comes an annoying new feature, the greeting and ringback instead of just the regular “ring”.

If you want to stop it, without having to call rogers:
1) Turn off your WiFi
2) Text 555 with the subject “Ringback”
3) You will receive a text back with a link rogers.mobi… click on it.
4) Click on manage ringbacks – check the off link and..
5) Your done!

Going to India & Nepal in 6 days!

Starting to get really excited about Dave and I’s upcoming adventure. We are going to India on the 30th until mid May. Our plan after flying into Delhi make our way to Rajasthan, travel around there for about 2 weeks, head up North to Nepal for 2 weeks, then make our way back to India and finish off with 2 weeks on the Andaman Islands.  See you all in a while!