Spilled Tea on my Laptop Keyboard

If you didn’t already know, liquids on your computer = disaster. Luckily I was using a travel mug with a lid so only a ounce or two seeped into the keyboard of my laptop. I called/ e-mailed around and the average quote I was receiving was around $200-300. I thought it would be best to get a second opinion and after negotiating with various companies over the cost of the repair I decided to go to the apple store at Pacific Center. I definitely won’t go anywhere else, it cost $70 to replace the board and $40 for installation, and they were genuinely nice! I will definitely not go to irepair,  VCV computer repair (on commercial drive) or Futureshop.  So if your mac breaks down just go to the Apple store, who better to repair it then those who sell/distribute apple products exclusively.

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