The 15 Most Vital & Important SEO Factors

Very good article about SEO from . Optimizing your blog by using these very easy to follow guidelines will help your increase traffic.

Don’t just debate which factors are the most important. Make it your goal to be the best that you can be in each of these 30 SEO factors.

  • SEO Factor #1: Keyword near the beginning of the title tag.
    It can be enough to simply place the keyword in the title tag. It can be even better to have it at the beginning of it.
  • SEO Factor #2: Keyword used as anchor text from external links.
    Inbound links from other domains that use your keyword as the anchor text are essential for SEO.
  • SEO Factor #3: Authority of the domain.
    Google recognizes domains that have built a strong online presence and weighs their articles higher by default than others.
  • SEO Factor #4: Genuinely high-quality, unique content.
    This SEO factor is vital. The key to success at your blog is to create awesome content that people enjoy.
  • SEO Factor #5: Keyword anywhere in the domain name.
    Sites often rank well for the keywords that are contained in their domain name.
  • SEO Factor #6: The number of external links to a page.
    Every link to a page is like a vote. The more links that your site gets, the more popular Google knows that your site is.
  • SEO Factor #7: Keyword anywhere in an H1 tag.
    Google knows that the most important information on the page is in the heading tag. Take the time to make yours count.
  • SEO Factor #8: Diversity of external link sources.
    It’s great to have a dozen links from another site. It’s even better to have one link each from a dozen sites.
  • SEO Factor #9: Links from social media sources.
    Search engines pay attention when they see you creating content that your followers enjoy so much that they share it.
  • SEO Factor #10: Keyword as anchor text to outbound links.
    Search engines like to see you linking to other relevant sites. Your keyword as the anchor text is a great way to do it.
  • SEO Factor #11: Length of the remaining domain registration.
    Spammers often register domains for very short periods of time.
  • SEO Factor #12: Keyword in the page URL.
    Google pays attention to sites with keywords in their permalinks. Make yours contain terms that describes the content of each article.
  • SEO Factor #13: Keyword in smaller headlines like H2 – H6, Bold and Italics.
    Although these are less important than the H1 header tag, they are still very important.
  • SEO Factor #14: The existence of a meta description for your page.
    Providing a meta description is a great way to show Googler’s what the page is about and draw them in to click your search listing.
  • SEO Factor #15: Keyword as the alt text and title for an image.
    Using a key phrase as the alt text of an image is a tried and true way of earning better listings.

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